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文章类型:dissertation 发布时间:2020-03-18

我听过的专辑是Elvis Presley在1956年发行的第一张摇滚音乐工作室专辑,名为“ Elvis Presley”。ElvisPresley以其在摇滚方面的才能而闻名。 这张专辑中有十二首原创或翻唱歌曲。 在这张专辑中,制作人包括弹奏电吉他的Scotty Moore,切特·阿特金斯(Chet Atkins),原声吉他,Floyer Cramer和Shorty Long(均弹钢琴),Bill Black,贝斯和D.J。 Fontana和Johnny Bernero演奏鼓组。
The album I listened to was Elvis Presley’s first studio album release of rock and roll music named ‘Elvis Presley’ back in 1956. Elvis Presley is known for his talent in rock and roll. There are twelve original or cover songs in this album. In this album, the producers were Scotty Moore, playing the electric guitar, Chet Atkins, acoustic guitar, Floyer Cramer and Shorty Long, both playing the piano, Bill Black, playing the bass, and D.J. Fontana and Johnny Bernero, playing the drum kit.


第一首歌“ Blue Suede Shoes”的节奏很快。背景音乐中的鼓在前奏和后奏之间是稳定的四拍子模式,在前奏中是两拍子的模式,有时用即刻的节奏即兴创作。 Presley的声音活跃,生动,果断且富有节奏感。整个过程中,我都能感到幽默和活泼。第二首歌曲“ I'm Counting on You”更柔和,融合了乡村风格,表达了对爱情的向往。领先的伴奏是钢琴,在四拍子节奏中总是具有最强的第一拍子。简介缓慢而刻意,Presley的声音顺畅而愉快。在从复音到合唱的过渡过程中,钢琴会加速并通过背景伴音带来更加动态的对比,形成对主旋律的补充。第三首歌“我有一个女人”,是另一种经典的摇滚风格。凭借强劲的鼓节奏和快节奏的吉他演奏,Presley的声音融为一体,营造出凉爽的氛围。在这首诗的最后一部分,伴奏的减少和减慢,使人声更加突出。倒数第二行是创新的,在结尾处引入了一个突然的中断,这进一步导致钢琴的移调和电吉他和贝司在最后一行上的强调。第四首歌曲“ One-Sided Love Affair”与第三首歌曲相似,不同之处在于它还具有第一首歌曲的特征。歌手的态度很有趣,歌词也反映出这一点。主要乐器是钢琴和鼓。钢琴演奏八度音高的音色,而鼓具有稳定而牢固的四拍模式。在最后的合唱中,钢琴会随着声音改变音符,以产生平行的旋律。第五首歌“我爱你,因为”虽然带有悲伤的色彩,但总体感觉清脆柔和。伴奏很简单,只有钢琴不断弹奏和弦,民谣吉他带有简单的旋律才能发出声音。这首歌是乡村,布鲁斯和摇滚的混合。第六首歌曲“ Just因为”,就像第一首歌曲一样回到摇滚。歌词就像讲述一个生动的故事,旋律反映了这一点。两节之间有一种自由风格的吉他独奏。两个并发的旋律与紧缩的节奏交替发生的相互作用就像旋转的旋律,营造出幽默而有趣的氛围。第七首歌曲“ Tutti Frutti”是Little Richard最初的翻唱。与理查德的激进嗓音风格不同,普雷斯利的声音更轻盈,充满活力和活力。我更喜欢普雷斯利的表演,这使我想跳舞。鼓拍中有很多即兴演奏的停顿处,还有吉他和贝斯的免费独奏。乐器和人声之间的平衡几乎是正确的,既不会更加突出也不会消失。第八首歌曲“ Tryin”助您一臂之力,结合了乡村,摇滚乐,简单的歌词和直观的诠释。当音乐首先从前奏开始到最后破裂时,一个突出的功能就是强调声音的独奏。故障分解会增强演唱音符并结束歌曲。第九首歌“我要坐下来哭了(在你身边)”,讲述了一个轶事。钢琴和鼓的伴奏始终贯穿着快速的节奏。在第二节和最后一节中,低音和吉他的缓慢运动逐渐淡入和淡出。声音的重复一直持续到最后。第十首歌“我永远不会让你走(小达林)”具有其他特征,类似于课堂上讨论的三角布鲁斯吉他。听到旋律填充和瓶颈。在歌曲的结尾,即兴出现了。 Presley的声音在回声中,并添加了一些颤音效果,并且在人声变化后随即鼓跳出。第十一首歌曲“ Blue Moon”具有爵士风格。鼓以四拍的形式不断拍打,为旋律的流动铺平道路。歌声传达着福音和灵魂的元素,如普雷斯利(Presley)croons,营造出神圣而神秘的氛围。简单的鼓声和低沉的声音相结合,描绘出一幅柔和散布的月光。最后一首歌“ Money Honey”完美地构成了整张专辑的结尾。它轻松,摇摆且无忧无虑。钢琴以断音形式引入旋律,声音清晰地开始并持续活跃。对我来说,感觉就像是一年中所有日子中新的开始。普雷斯利(Presley)在第一行的结尾处使用嗡嗡声,这大大增加了故事的叙事感。
The first song, ‘Blue Suede Shoes’, has a fast movement. The drums in the background alternate between a steady four-beat pattern in the verse and the refrain and a two-beat pattern, which is sometimes improvised with a syncopated rhythm, in the intro. Presley’s voice is active, playful, decisive, and full of rhythms. I can feel a sense of humor and liveliness throughout. The second song, ‘I’m Counting on You’, is softer and blends a country style, and expresses a longing for love. The leading accompaniment is the piano, always with a strongest first beat in the four-beat rhythm. The intro was slow and deliberate, and Presley’s voice follows along quite smoothly and pleasantly. In the transition from refrain to chorus, the piano accelerates and brings about a much more dynamic contrast with a background accompanying voice, forming a complement to the main melody. The third song, ‘I Got a Woman’, is of another classic rock and roll style. With strong drum beats and fast-tempo guitars playing, Presley’s voice blends well and creates a chill atmosphere. In the beginning of the last part of the verse, the accompaniment reduces and slows down, to make the vocal more prominent. The second to last line is innovative, that a sudden break is introduced at the end, which further leads to the transposition of the piano and emphasis of the electric guitar and bass for the concluding line. The fourth song, ‘One-Sided Love Affair’, is similar to the third song except that it also features the traits in the first song. The singer’s attitude is playful, as also reflected by the lyrics. The main instruments are piano and drums. Piano is playing octave-higher notes while drums are of a steady and firm four-beat pattern. In the final chorus, the piano changes notes along with the voice, to make a parallel melody. The fifth song, ‘I Love You Because’, has a color of sadness but the overall feeling is crisp and gentle. The accompaniment is simple that it only has the piano constantly playing chords and the acoustic guitar with a simple melody leading the voice. The song is a mix of country, blues and rock. The sixth song, ‘Just Because’, comes back to rock and roll like the first song. The lyrics are like telling a vivid story and the melody reflects that. There is a free-style solo of guitars between two verses. The interaction of two concurrent melodies alternating with syncopated rhythms is like a swirling thread, weaving out a humorous and entertaining atmosphere. The seventh song, ‘Tutti Frutti’, is a cover song originally by Little Richard. Different from the aggressive vocal style of Richard, Presley’s voice is lighter and full of a kind of vitality and vigor. I prefer Presley’s performance, which makes me want to dance. There is a lot of improvisational pauses in the drum beats and a free solo of guitars and bass. The balance between the instruments and vocal is just about right, that neither is more standing out nor disappearing. The eighth song, ‘Tryin’ to Get to You’, combines country and rock and roll with simple lyrics and straightforward interpretation. A remarkable feature is the emphasis of the voice solo when the music first starts with the intro and finally moves to the breakdown. The breakdown boosts the singing notes and ends the song. The ninth song, ‘I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry (Over You)’, tells an anecdotal story. Fast tempos are throughout with the accompaniment of pianos and drums. Towards the second and the last verses, a phase of slower movement of bass and guitars gently fades in and out. The repetition of vocal continues towards the end. The tenth song, ‘I’ll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin)’, features other characteristics, something similar to the delta blues guitar discussed in class. Melodic fills and bottlenecks are heard. Towards the end of the song, improvisation is introduced suddenly. Presley’s voice is echoing and some tremolo effects are added and the drums jumps out right after the change in the vocal to accompany the voice. The eleventh song, ‘Blue Moon’, is of jazz style. Drums beats softly and constantly at a four-beat pattern to pave the way for the melody flow. The singing voice conveys elements of gospel and soul as Presley croons, which creates a sacred and mysterious atmosphere. The combination of the simple drum beats and the crooning depicts a picture of the tenderly spreading moonlight. The last song, ‘Money Honey’, serves beautifully as the conclusion of the whole album. It is light-hearted, swinging, and carefree. The piano introduces the melody with staccato, and the voice starts plainly and continues actively. The feeling for me is like a fresh start for a common day among all days in the year. Presley used hums at the end of the first line of the refrain, which adds much to the narrative sense of the story.

总的来说,这张专辑是一件艺术品。 我认为在将结尾与开头连接起来方面做得很好,因为最后一首歌在他们的娱乐氛围和类似摇滚元素的使用中很好地连接了第一首歌。 以上面讨论的特定顺序在响度更大和更柔和的旋律之间进行歌曲交替会产生对比,并且不会引起听众的注意。 我可以想象所有这些歌曲背后的真实生活和爱情故事。 普雷斯利(Presley)是一位出色的人声,无论摇滚,布鲁斯,爵士,乡村或灵魂乐,他的演唱风格都表现力十足。
Overall this album is a piece of art. I think it does a great job in concatenating the end to the beginning as the last song connects well to the first song in their entertaining atmosphere and similar use of rock and roll elements. The alternation of songs between louder and softer melodies in the particular order discussed above creates contrast and does not bore listeners. I can imagine a real life and love story behind all these songs. Presley is an awesome vocal who is so expressive in his singing styles, be it rock, blues, jazz, country, or soul.